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Welcome to Trisomy 21 Sweeties!

Hi! Well it’s time to get Revin’s website going on for him and wanted to welcome you all! If you haven’t guessed by now, Revin is our 1 year old (he just turned 1 on New Year’s day 2019) and he has a perfectly wonderful little spark to him called an extra chromosome in his 21 DNA strand, aka Down Syndrome, or the more ‘politically correct’ medical terminology for it, Trisomy 21.

Me and my husband, Revin’s father Kyle, just simply think this means that there is that much more of Revin to love and there is, as with all these Sweeties!

So we wanted to start a supoosu site for us, Revin, and all the new friends we hope Revin will make, and so will we!!! We personally know that the social aspect of Trisomy 21 just means that we have an extra place in our lives and hearts for all down syndrome kiddos and folks (and except for a few people that don’t know that we have a positive outlook on life because of Revin) that our world and hearts opened up to this new world.

But we do know that there are medical and other sides to down syndrome that can be challenging at times too and we’ll talk about that also. Sometimes it is difficult but wwllwface it together as the needs arise. I actually have already and we’re in some challenging times right now for our family too, but we’ll deal. We’ll handle this…  We got this!

We are now opening our doors as a community and hope you will join us



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